17. I Can’t See Anything


I love my friends.  I want you to meet them.

Jeremy, EHP, Jim, Jocelyn: Really, we can't see anything without our glasses.

Jocelyn Mackenzie: Glasses-wearing, drumming, lyricist-to-the-stars-improv-ing, rap-geniusing, angelic-voicing, uber-knittering, glock-hitting, shaker-ing, member of Pearl and the Beard.

Jeremy Styles: ALSO glasses-wearing, bartending, ladies-manning, guitar-strumming, sometimes drum-hitting, and sexy-vocal-tantalizing member of Pearl and the Beard

Jim Altieri: ALSO glasses wearing, computer-knowing, violin-sweeping, sweet-composering, Jocelyn-loving, temporary accordion-squeezin’, for Pearl and the Beard’s Mercury Lounge show, January 23.  (This Saturday!)  *Jocelyn and Jim are also in the band Poo Poo Jim and Pee Pee Girl

Jeremy, Jonathan, EHP, Jim, Jocelyn!

These three lovely people came over tonight for a rehearsal for our show coming up.  Yet again, captured artists + EHP needs a song for today = collaboration with Pearl and the Beard, Jim Altieri and Jonathan Clark!  YESSS!  I told them we were going to write a song in 15 minutes and record it in 10, so they agreed to do it, and I do believe we actually did it in that time. In fact, we may have written it in less than 15 minutes (considering the words are minimal!)  I had come up with the words and melody for “I can’t see anything, anything without my glasses,” a few weeks ago and had planned on doing it with someone.  I shouted it out, and that’s how the song came to be.  I love doing songs like this with lots of minds thinking and lots of care free grabbing of instruments.  I even made a shaker out of Tupperware and rice!  I am happier because this songs exists… I love you guys so much.

This is Jocelyn Mackenzie. This is Jocelyn Mackenzie’s word salad.  Jocelyn is improvising here.  (I get so jealous she can do this!)  I mean, “Don’t kiss ’em under a waterfall cause those glasses will get fogged by waterfall droplets”?!  This totally kills me.   This is nothing, friend.  Just wait until you catch her in full-force.  She can unleash an improvised rhyme or verse on you at any moment so hard that your face will melt to the ground!  (I haven’t even attempted a rap yet. To be sure, I will do it with her.)  And, as I mentioned yesterday, today’s song marks the first song within the 365 to contain: A SWEAR WORD! Get ready!

Also of personal note: I am playing the shaker!  And one of my favorite parts is hearing Jonathan and Jim come in with their low and grumbly registers starting a chorus…yessss!

Yet again, another hilarious and entertaining evening creating the 365.  We did two versions for you: an mp3 and a video version.  The “lyrics” below are from the the mp3.  See you tomorrow!

I Can’t See Anything

instrumentation: Jocelyn Mackenzie: glockenspiel; Jim Altieri: violin; Jeremy Styles: guitar; Jonathan Clark, omnichord beats. EHP: shaker

I can’t see anything, anything without my glasses
Yo, girl, you know sometimes when you’re walking down the street or whateva
And your glasses fall offa your face and you can’t see nothin’, girl
Well, that don’t mean I don’t love you cause I can’t see you
Even when I can’t see your face you’re beautiful.
I want to kiss you on your face
But especially I want to kiss you when I put my glasses on cause I can see you better
The visually impaired have one problem and one problem only
and that is that they can’t see shit without their glasses
So, get your lover, get your glasses, get your lover’s glasses
Find the person nearest you wearing a pair of glasses
Kiss ’em right on the mouth
Don’t kiss ’em under a waterfall
Cause those glasses will get fogged by waterfall droplets.
Okay, everybody, so I’m just sayin’ I love you girl, you’re beautiful
I can’t see you without my glasses, girl, but that don’t mean I don’t love you.
I can’t see anything, anything without my glasses.
…At all…

13 thoughts on “17. I Can’t See Anything

  1. A Tribute to FOUR EYES! Yes! Forget contacts, or lasik, I’VE GOT GLASSES and the world is a beautiful place. You guys are hilarious! SPT

  2. Well, that made my morning Emily! Thanks to you and your wacky bespeckled loveables! Makes me want to wear glasses….hmm… I see a tie in with Pearl Vision in your future ;P

  3. Just knowing that there are people like Jeremy, Jonathan, Jim , Jocelyn ( that’s a lot o’ J’s) and you in this world makes me happy, gives me hope and for today only….I will TRY to be nice to someone…even if I vomit.

    Thank you all for the love and the music.

    • Richie! I’m so glad you notice the over-abundance of J’s! I’m certainly lost in a sea of them here… I hope you have a fantastic time finding someone to be nice to… good luck and let us know how it goes 🙂

  4. “Compared to what we ought to be, we are only half awake. We are making use of only a small part of our physical and mental resources. Stating the thing broadly, the human individual thus lives far within his limits. He possesses powers of various sorts which he habitually fails to use.” -William James

    You, miss Price, are pushing those limits. We only met once (and will again) but I want to thank you for inspiring me every morning in ways I cannot begin to explain in such a small text space.


  5. We miss you so much. We want to be in that room, laying in the corner in stitches. UGGGGH! There is almost too much love in this world.

  6. i was in a really bad mood until i listened to this song. and now i can’t do anything but smile. you guys are wonderful. (p.s. the video is set to private so it wont let me watch!)


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