14. Bird in Girl’s Clothing


I’ve hit the two-week mark. It’s the little victories, you know?

After Friday night’s show in Maine at Hog Farm, I stayed on at Guy Capecelatro‘s house in Portsmouth to do another song with him because he’s so freaking awesome.  This song has a history- the first thing you hear is a loop I created months and months ago.  Sometimes I’ll take my loop pedal out and just improvise, saving it on the machine if I like it, dumping it if I don’t.  In this case, I had just received my black violin from my dad, changed the tuning and was totally just messing around.  I liked it, saved it, and played it for Guy today.  It ended up the starting point for this song.  (Before we worked on this song, I pulled out some improv on the pedal for a few loops he will hopefully use later, so I’m excited to hear what he does with them.)

(Guy can remember everything.) I'm dumb and didn't get a picture of Guy today. Lame. Here's Google's offering of G. Capecelatro.

As I listened to the loop, I had a general melody run through my mind.   The cool idea Guy had was to each record vocals independently, neither one being privy to the other’s melodic idea.  After we both recorded the vocals by ourselves in his little studio, we came together and listened to them fall into one another, I think, quite nicely.  I improvised the second voice under my main vocal, experimenting with my higher, (more falsetto) register, which I don’t get the opportunity to do very often.  I like the effect.  I always listen to the song of the day on repeat as I write about it here.  And the more I listen to this song, the more I love it.  Guy’s influence is so good for me; freeing and lovely.

The reason I love Guy so much is his total willingness to try anything.  I think this is what makes him such a great artist and musician.  He is literally not afraid to try something (or at least, that’s my take on it…), and it was infectious.  I was able to begin teaching myself how to let go, which is why when I hear the character of my vocal, though I wish would have allowed for a little space for silence (as Guy did), I hear some things I really like and wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Examples of Guy’s awesomeness for this song: beautiful lyrics, two tracks of electric guitar, thumb piano, and “Hey“s at the end (with Jonathan, too!) that I love.  (I will later address my secret wish that as many songs as possible contain “Hey!”, “Yeah!” or “Woo!”.  We’ll talk about it soon…)  My contributions?  A little cello pizz, the loop, lyrics, a want for hey’s!, and a fast hand with a tiny music box.  I wrote some of my lyrics on a bus at 2 am coming back from DC to New York just a few days ago.

I’m quite sad to leave Portsmouth and Hog Farm.  The more I collaborate with people on these songs, the more I believe the world really is an amazing place full of stunning, beautiful, and talented people, all with experiences to share.  It’s so easy to take people for granted, and it’s sharing these experiences with others that I hope will engrave gratitude upon my mind forever.

Guy and I worked on this from about maybe 12-2:30 pm.  Not long after we had finished, Aly Spaltro, or Lady Lamb the Beekeeper as most know her, came down to Guy’s home with dear friend Maisie to collaborate.  A full day of writing and recording for the 365! It was awesome! Lady Lamb the Beekeeper played the Hog Farm show with me last Friday night and is an unbelievably captivating performer and wonderful writer with an unbelievable voice (more on that tomorrow).  Based out of Portland, Maine, she drove an hour to record a song with me today in a cemetery in the middle of winter in New Hampshire.  I love her, love her, love her.  That post will show up tomorrow, so please visit to hear it! (We took a video of it, too.  Oh!  Technology!)

Are you thinking, “Wait. Two songs in one day? That means you’ll be ahead tomorrow.  Will you write a song tomorrow?”  True, and yes!  It will even out at some point, to be sure!

Bird in Girl’s Clothing

instrumentation: pre-prepared loop, electric guitar, thumb piano, music box, cello, Jonathan Clark, Guy Capecelatro III

(Jan. 21: I had Guy remix this because I, frankly, did a crappy job.  So up loaded the new version today.)

Are you making a nest up in that tree
Or are you spying on me?
Are you some bird in girl’s clothing?
Can you sing something soothing?
I’ve sometimes likened myself to a squirrel
Furtive, nervous and furry
Will you be there as I come awake?
And head into a brand new day
You are five, five miles wide (Going home)
Stay the entire night
Sad boy with wings to come
To this house you brought me home
Clothed you are but nigh forsaking
You, some sweet, worth the taking
Will you be there as I dream?
When I awake to some new day.
All at once, a sweet second and gone
Yet still living
Did you fly away when I wasn’t looking?
I thought you were some kind of something.

See you tomorrow!  Stay safe and well…

9 thoughts on “14. Bird in Girl’s Clothing

  1. Another collaboration for the ages! I like the edge and funkiness of this song. It is astounding the variety and versatility you are displaying with this project!

  2. The imagination that went into these lyrics is terrific. I also like that even with the quickened back beat it still feels like the thumb piano is leading the tune. The vocals obediently follow the more patient and controlled tempo, but make it clear they are ready to break out and start dancing at any moment.

  3. Oh, how I love this collaboration and these lyrics. (I mean, really?!..”you some sweet worth the taking…are you some bird in girl’s clothing?) too much (I am also a gigantic fan of ‘heys,’ and this ‘hey’ in particular).
    I also love YOU truly true.


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