9. “Hey Douche Bag, You Got Wings”


On tour!  The possibilities of collaborations are ENDLESS!  Today is a special posting.  While we were in New Jersey, we played in a little bar upstairs at about one in the morning.  We made it to Jocelyn’s (Pearl and the Beard songstress!) parent’s house at about four in the morning where we were to be staying that night. (Only after a stop at Scotchhills Diner at 3 am.  There are more diners in New Jersey than in the rest of the world combined.)

Jocelyn’s father, Richie, is a multi-instrumentalist, and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to record a collaboration with him.  He agreed to improvise with me.  (Unfortunately, though he has a bunch of projects going, he didn’t give me a link to his stuff even when I requested one, so he’ll remain Richie for the moment.)  I have taken a special picture for you today.  Full of every kind of toy I would only dream of owning, his music room is awesome.  He was very quick with his electric guitar and small multi-colored boxes to find an interesting combination of sounds.  I have mixed it and have put the entire improvisation up for you to hear.  May you see as many things as you’d like while you are listening.

The Richie Arlington Cove of Creation and Fortress of Solitude. (Dad, see? You're not alone!)

I love improvisation like this: it’s very freeing and comfortable for me.  I have received two pieces of advice for improvisation: Just start playing and There is no such thing as a mistake. Any choice you make is good. I learned the former piece of goodwill during my undergrad when I took a year of jazz improvisation.  I learned the latter at a fantastic summer festival a few years ago.  I had the incredible opportunity to not only attend the New Directions Cello Festival, but teach at it as well.  If you are a cellist or even a wanna-be cellist wanting to experiment with all kinds of music outside the classical space: this is the place for you.  It’s one of the more affordable festivals out there, the people are supportive, kind, you don’t have to be any thing  like Yo-Yo Ma to go, and the guest lecturers they invite are always very inspiring.

This was recorded yet again with my trustworthy stereo mic and garageband.  Richie played his electric guitar through his amp, and I was acoustic on cello.  I cut up the original track a little and layered the take on itself, which is why you’re hearing two cellos at one time.  Recorded in about 5 minutes.  It took absolutely no prep.  I asked, Richie said yes, we went upstairs, he lit his boxes up, and I pushed record.  And that was it.  I had Sam McCormally of Ugly Purple Sweater help out on engineering, making sure there was no clipping.

Title: Came from an event which included a car ride with Jocelyn, Richie, a huge bird in the middle of the road and a heavy New Jersey accent.


“Hey Douche Bag, You Got Wings”

instrumentation: cello, electric guitar, and RICHIE ARLINGTON

8 thoughts on “9. “Hey Douche Bag, You Got Wings”

  1. Emily,

    I’m one of the members of Einstein’s music fair, another one of riches’ brilliant concoctions, and you guys sound like you’re kindred musical souls. Unfuckingbelieavable!!!! I wish we could had you on some of our knitting factory gigs.

    A true artist you are.


  2. Hey Emily,

    You are an awesome player! I’ve seen you with Pearl and the Beard a while back. Richie and I have been making a racket for several years now, both in That Thing Over There, and in my band Monkeyworks, of late in a completely improvised context within silent film and dance. The dude is fearless and this performance is an excellent collaboration. We should all get together for some musical excursions.

    We are playing this evening and Jocelyn is on board, as well. Of course you probably knew that, and if you were available, that would have already been common knowledge. Oh well…perhaps sometime in the future! Looking forward to hearing more!



  3. Reminds of an Mushroom trip in the woods I saw once! I could feel the earth growing in the guitar and the trees moving in the cello! Rad

    • This makes me smile so much…though I’ve never had a mushroom trip myself, I can imagine this helping you out some 🙂 Thank you for contributing your awesomeness to this little song yourself: without your ears, where would the song go anyway?

    • Jared, I’m so glad you listen in! I think of you often and send good thoughts your way across the soil and dirt to lift you up in a way that selling tickets just can’t, can’t, can’t.

  4. I have dreamed of playing with you ever since the first time I saw your solo set at some little place in Brooklyn. I hope this leads to many more collaborations.

    Love what you did with it.

    • Richie- it was an absolute honor… It must have been fate that we were passing through, and it’s always so fun to see you. We will totally work again! I have a whole year of possibility!


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