COLLABORATION FRIDAY!  Friend, this is how magic happens.

Anthony Da Costa, Emilyn Brodsky, Marie Darling, EHP, James Frazee

I talked about the uke playin’ and singin’ Emilyn Brodsky in yesterday‘s post.  Well, here she is, and she’s brought others.   We found amazing guitarist and songwriter Anthony Da Costa watching television. (He said the remote control just magically landed on the Real World D.C.  Sure, sure.)  We gathered together our resources of 1. Anthony’s guitar and 2. EHP’s Omnichord and began crafting a song together.  After many entertaining attempts (one of which included a chorus of “Nobody Cares!” which we felt was a bit depressing), the Omnichord became irritable and sleepy.  It almost went home when suddenly, and unexpectedly, at the last second, a song was born!  As we were in the stages of verse configuration, in walks french songstress Marie Darling to join the collaboration as well.  (I’m telling you right now: I have never wanted to be french so bad in my whole life.)   As we commenced recording, we only felt it appropriate that the real french lady (not the fake one) sing the french lyric in our song.  We’re so international.  You will hear the phrase fait accompli sung extremely well by Marie.  The first take we did was the first time we heard her sing this- and you can only imagine how its total wickedness took us a little off guard. Supposedly that specific phrase doesn’t actually mean that much in French, but English speakers (according to Google search) say it means-

1.  Creation of a situation which is irreversible and with which other parties will have to live, even if grudgingly.

Wondering about the Omnichord? Given to me as a gift from Nadia Ali, and I love it!

Prepare yourself, as you will hear another fantastic aspect of this song: recording engineer and producer James Frazee (a man with an amazing ear who will be working on Emilyn Brodsky and Anthony DaCosta’s next albums) has a cameo at the very end.

I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the art of collaborating.  Without thinking about it I noticed I just said “art” of collaborating, and I’m totally agreeing with myself.  It’s an art, and collaboration can be really rewarding (like in today’s song) or really awful (example withheld).  In my case, today’s song involved musicians who I totally respect and revere as well as being a bit intimidated by.  It’s this intimidation I feel that can make working with other songwriters difficult for me.  It’s yet another reason why this project is so good for me, too.  Sadly, I think under any other circumstance, I wouldn’t have asked these people to write a song with me.  And how unfortunate!  Our little song would not have ever been born!  There’s always some excuse or fear behind exposing your weaknesses or strengths, even, to other creators though I know we all have them.  For example, Emilyn is a genius wordsmith and Anthony is amazing at fitting chords and lyrics together very quickly.  These are two qualities I have to work at, and I spend a lot of time crafting in the privacy of my own writing hole.  However, being with people who create so well in such a short period of time is infectious and opens up new ways of thinking.  It was so awesome.  Thanks, Aubergine!

Recorded live using my little stereo mic.  (Unless I tell you different, all songs are recorded with this little cheap-o microphone, my M-Audio and Garageband.)  I got to Emilyn’s house at 6 pm, and I was on the train home by 10:30 pm.  That time frame is misleading.  Emilyn was in the shower when I first arrived, so we probably started writing this song at 8:00 after other less intriguing leads on other starts.  We used the second of two takes.  The natural panning that occurs due to how we were all situated around the mic is amazing to me!  Not knowing anything about recording or the technical aspects of it, finding happy accidents like that is cool for me.

You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

you don’t know what you’re doing to me.

the way you’re walking down the street
the way you’re dancing to the beat
the way you make my heart complete
you don’t know what you’re doing to me.

i know just what i’m doing to you.
and you don’t even have a clue.
i could tell you if you wanted me to
i know just what i’m doing.

the way i’m walking down the street
the way i’m dancing to the beat
the way i make your heart complete
fait accompli.

when it started and you were first mine
you said you loved me and i thought you were kind
and now in retrospect i see i was blind.

you don’t know what you’re doing to me.

On tour with Pearl and the Beard and Ugly Purple Sweater in Boston!  Back in New York today, then on the road again Saturday to New Jersey, Baltimore, Philly, and DC.  I’ll let you know how things go recording and writing-wise whilst on the road.  Fingers crossed!

Thank you for checking in and coming here.  Your presence here is super-valued, and whether you read or not, I’m so glad you listen!  May your day today be Friday-licious.

See you tomorrow,